I remember when I was little, I had very BIG thinking. Big plans… I was going to be a rich and famous rockstar. That wasn’t too far off, because I taught myself several musical instruments and wrote songs, and I even created my autograph in the 5th grade (and practiced it over and over and over again – thoroughly planning on having to give autographs out as part of my inevitable famousness one day).

I was also very magical-thinking (I still am, to a great extent) in that I didn’t think anything was impossible. I remember being very young; probably 3 or 4 years old, and a little boy told me “girls can’t play guitar.” I was astounded at that stupid limitation! What nerve! I vowed that I would not only play guitar, but I would also play bass and drums and anything else I wanted to. No stupid limitations applied to me in my mind. I was up for any task I set my mind to!

But Life Can Beat You Up

Over time, when adulthood sets in and you start to have series of frustrations and disappointments, seemingly on a loop, that hope and magical thinking and all your big plans can get thrown out of the window in deference to just treading water and getting by in the nasty here and now of reality.

Paying bills. Sitting in traffic on the way to the job you loathe going to. Dealing with the micro-managing boss who daily insults your intelligence by watching over your shoulder as you do tasks you know better than the back of your hand. All those same tasks that are beneath you and what you are really capable of.

You wake up to the incessant BEEP BEEP BEEP of your alarm clock, pour the coffee, get ready, sit in traffic, clock in, make this call, file that paper, eat your boring fattening lunch, sit in traffic on the way home, come home to a family that doesn’t see you enough, and likely a honey-do list, some yelling, some loud TV, maybe watch a stressed-out cop drama on TV, “relax” to the evening news, watch celebrities talk about how they’re living lives so much better than yours on the late late shows, go to sleep and do it all over again the next day! Then, as the icing on the cake, when you get your paycheck, you pay the bills and say bye bye to it all! Wash, rinse, repeat. This was not at all the idea you had in your mind when you were little and wore your superman cape. No indeed!

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you KNOW you were made for more than this.

You absolutely know it, deep down in your heart!

Whether you believe you were created by God or not, you have to acknowledge that, of all creatures on this earth, we are uniquely positioned to think strategically, to build, to design and create the things we need that would make life easier, grander, and more beautiful. We have the faculty of speech to be able to join together and pool efforts. To teach each other and learn from each other. We certainly have the tools handy to redo this whole adulting thing all over again… wiser, this time around.

I was privileged (and, some would say humbled majorly) into having to redo my whole life from a blank canvas. Because of a series of events up-to-and-including the Great Recession, I pretty much had everything of value stripped from me. I had to start from scratch and reinvent my adult-self.

It was not an easy process. There was a lot of effort involved. And a lot of “encouraging myself” that I had to do, but I knew I was made for more than what I was doing, and I’m proud to say that I came out of it – I have had a successful do-over! There is a saying in the Bible “Even if good people fall seven times, they will get back up. But when trouble strikes the wicked, that’s the end of them.” (Proverbs 24:16) When you fall, or even when you’re just dissatisfied and know you can do better than your current fail, GET BACK UP AGAIN.

female rock climbing and dangling over desert

OK, I agree. I Was Made For More. So What Now?

In this day and age, with the internet at our fingertips, the sky’s the limit! That’s the beauty of it all! You are no longer trapped by your degree or your current experience level. You’re not even limited by your mindset because resources to improve that literally surround you 24/7. Even on this blog. The time we are living in is absolutely amazing and we have no excuses. Limitations exist only in our imagination.

If you want to make something of your life that is worthy of the destiny you were born to, know that you have a blank canvas right in front of you and a thousand paints and paintbrushes to create an entirely new picture.

For me, one of the main things I needed to recreate in my life was my job situation. I was so incredibly burnt out, and I had hit my salary peak at age 31 (this is not good news when you’re 40 and already on the slide back down the mountaintop). Since the vast majority of us adults spend most of our waking hours trying to earn the money we need to support our lackluster lifestyles, it stands to reason that a good place to start would be to switch that whole paradigm on its head, and instead, create an online business that would fit your the life you want to have! Right?

Just imagine it… imagine that you took the steps you needed to take to reinvent yourself and create a profitable online business that fit your life. No more commuting (yay)… And you’d have a heck of a lot better social life… see your family more often and stop being strangers. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Imagine saying goodby to money worries once and for all because the stupid salary cap is not over you anymore! Seriously, would that change your life? Take the lid off? Would it be worth it to you to be able to do the things your love, the things you’re talented and gifted in more often? Would you be willing to put in the effort to live a life more worthy of the destiny you were born to?

You Were Made For This

I’m committed to helping anybody who strongly believes they were made for more and desires a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Sadly, I cannot make the commitment to do this for you, or do the work for you. That’s got to come from you.

But I would offer you my support, and guidance, and continued contact in showing you how I used a business like this to leave my dying graphics field, and to start living a life worthy of the destiny I was born to. Click here if you know you’re worth it.

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