YOU: 2.0 » A Revolution, Not A Resolution

I want to talk to you today about A Revolution… A new you. A YOU: 2.0 » your next level up. Your next “operating system” upgrade. Many people wax nostalgic about the New Year and make all kinds of resolutions… from losing weight, to meeting the right person, to getting lots of money, paying off debt, quitting alcohol, changing jobs, and on and on.

But 9 out of 10 people never follow through. We start off enthusiastically, but it starts to wane around 6 weeks into the new year… and that’s being optimistic. Some don’t even make it that far. We don’t seem to have that much energy for the “middle” of the goal-attainment process. We’re gung-ho at the start, and we’re really good at short-term sprinting, but we’re not good long-term marathoners.

This year, I want you to think Revolution, not resolution. I want you to think BIG.

Big goals need drastic action. When we take drastic action, we tend to get big results. Big results are encouraging. They’re tangible, and they keep your motivation going. It keeps you going during that muddy “middle” between the enthusiasm of when you start, and your finish line.

What is ONE big thing you want to Revolutionize this year about yourself? One thing that has been gnawing at you, but you keep delaying or attempting it half-heartedly?

It’s time for YOU: 2.0

Pick one thing you’ve been wanting to change for years. Make it BIG. Make it so big that winning at it will be worth it. Worth all your focus, sacrifice and effort. I call my personal “one” thing “ME: 2.0” – like a major operating system upgrade.

If you pick ONE big Vision of yourself; one big revolutionized YOU, you can pour ALL your focus into it. The power of focus is astounding. Honing in on one vision will help you not dilute your efforts by spreading yourself to thin. There is a myth around that multi-tasking is a good thing. It’s actually not, because you’re diluting your attention. It’s better to do one thing at a time with 100% focus… git ‘er done, and then move on to the next.

Next: Write The Vision Down

For me, under my personal “ME: 2.0” major upgrade, I broke my revolution down into four major categories. I made them fun and easy to remember by making all of them start with the letter “B” — Business, Body, Bucks, and Babe. My vision of “ME: 2.0” was so precise, I knew exactly what each one of these categories entailed, and I wrote down the big bullet points under each one. I didn’t need to go into minute details… I kept it basic (another B word, ha).

So take your Revolutionary Vision, your “YOU: 2.0”, and and break it down a bit into subcategories. For example, each of my subcategories feed each other. They are like dominoes that knock each other down:

  • when “Business” is booming, the “Bucks” roll in…
  • When bucks roll in, I get more confident, feel great and energized, so I get out a lot more to hike and workout, I eat healthier… and it further enables me to take time off and travel and replenish…
  • so all of that benefits my “Body.” When my body is benefitting, my youthful vitality goes up, and my enthusiasm too, so naturally…
  • I am a better partner for my “Babe.”

You get the drift. You can see how when all the subcategories feed each other, the results will keep your momentum going too.

Get UNcomfortable!

As I mentioned earlier, the statistics are that 9 out of 10 people never follow through on their New Year’s resolutions. That’s really sad, and I think it’s largely because we get so comfortable with our own mediocrity. Let’s get uncomfortable with it!

What you need is a Vision of yourself in your “YOU: 2.0” upgrade that is so drastic from where you are now, that it makes you feel UNcomfortable to stay in mediocrity, unchanged. Your Vision MUST be REVOLUTIONARY.

Do you want to switch careers? Buy a house? Lose 100 pounds? Break up? Move cross-country? Adopt a child? All of the above?

Well, this “YOU: 2.0” Revolution is too big a subject to handle in one small article or email… so I will return with Part 2, and in the meantime, I’m going to give you some homework:

I want you to think of characters in movies, or real life that you’ve always wanted to “be like.” From there, write down what it was about them that you wanted to make a part of you… was it their confidence? Their swagger? Were they brave? Powerful in business? Did they speak up for themselves? Change the world for the better? Try to figure out what is it about them that made you want to be like them. Write down the traits. Dig. Make a thorough list. I will tell you what to do with your list in Part 2 of YOU: 2.0 a Revolution very soon. So stay tuned!


Now, if you’re like me, and “Business & Bucks” are huge Revolutionary Visions for yourself, you don’t need to wait for Part 2 of this article. You can get started immediately. I can give you access to our on-demand, online business workshops immediately that can tell you how you can achieve the vision you have for yourself in regards to creating a business and lifestyle you’ll love… which, yes, should get you bucks* 🙂 So if you’re already ready for the revolution, get on our workshops now by clicking here. All the best to you! You can do it!

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