I heard a story once about man who had a certain type of rock in his backyard, that he knew had beautiful crystals inside. Every day, he would go in his backyard with a big sledgehammer and hit the rock over and over (and over) – but there was no sign of progress. No sign of it breaking open.

His wife & friends thought he was crazy. His neighbors were grumbling about the noise of the hammer.

But, he was faithful, and he kept doing it because he knew there was a prize on the inside…

One sunny morning, after several months of daily hitting at his rock, he took ONE hammer-blow and -BAM- the rock split wide open, revealing its gorgeous array of multi-color crystals inside.

He got his prize!

And you know what? No one thought he was crazy anymore. They were all actually a bit envious… but they didn’t do the work. He did. He was the diligent one.

I see this lesson in my own life, when I started my online business.

When I built YourLaptopLifestyleAcademy.com, it took me a while to get set up. I had to build the website… write several autoresponders and blogs, and troubleshoot little things here and there. I also had to continue studying to learn the skills I would need daily to run the business after its launch.

But, once it was set up, it only needed maintenance and my watchful eye.

There were some negative people who thought I was crazy trying to build this business – but I chose not to listen to them because I was going after the prize inside. I was DILIGENT in doing what needed to be done to build my business – daily, week after week, month after month, because I KNEW that one day, it would start to bring income. And it has!

At the time, though, I didn’t know WHEN that was going to happen. I just had FAITH that it would, and I kept diligently “hammering away at my rock.”

Sure, I got a little discouraged every once in awhile, but I pushed through it. That’s what builds up your faith-muscles.

And then came the day when the first sale came in.

And then MORE came in. And it got better and better. BUT NOTHING would have ever happened if I had never tried, or had gotten jaded, or quit!

You can visualize all you want, and you can built Vision Boards – and both those things are very good mental/emotional tools to encourage yourself. But you also need to take ACTION… and diligently hammer away at that rock every day, until the exciting day comes when YOU experience your first profit, success or whatever. YOUR prize.


There’s a story in the Bible where Jesus says “no person who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.”

What that means in non-religious terms is: if you’re going to decide to work toward a goal (plow) but then you wimp out and give up (look back), you’re not worthy of the prize you wanted in the first place.

Be worthy of your goals and dreams! Diligently press on toward your prize.

It certainly awaits you if you don’t quit going for it. Hammer beyond any discouragement…. beyond any naysayers… beyond any intimidating skills you have to learn… beyond painfully slow progress —

You will get to your prize if you keep hammering away at it.



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