When you are first starting to get curious about starting an online business, it’s usually because you’re dissatisfied with your current job or financial state. There is a frustration involved, and that frustration is actually a good thing because it leads you to seek out a solution. People will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure. Even single-cell amoebas do that. It is built into our instinct.

When you’ve started to have success at your new business though, it’s easy to forget your original motivation. Your original “why.” You can start to romance the past because of its familiarity. Back then, you knew what you were getting into every day. With a new business, there are so many new variables, you can’t predict anything. So the predictability of the past looks attractive. Egypt starts to look good when you’re wandering in the desert looking for your Promised Land.

I was reminded of my “why” recently, which is why I’m writing about this topic.

Before I started my online business, I had had a lifelong career in graphics. I have a comfort level built into doing graphics because I was an expert, having spent over 25 years doing it, day in, day out. I had several former clients, most of whom had become friends over time, and so every once in awhile, to this day, they ask for favors.

I had taken on a graphics project to help out an old client I used to have when I did graphics as my career full time. He was in a tight spot and needed help. I was already quite happily busy with my online business which has much more freedom built into it, but he had always been a friend and was my main client back in the post-recession days which were really tough, so I wanted to help him out.

English is not his native language, and every once in a awhile, our understanding of each other could get handicapped by miscommunication. Well, in this particular instance, that’s exactly what happened.

Going Back to Egypt

It was a Saturday morning and I was eating breakfast when he reached out to me telling me he needed help with his emergency project. He said it was a Sales Letter. In the past, his Sales Letters were usually extremely simple projects that were only 3-4 pages long with a couple pictures here and there. I thought it was super easy, so despite my full schedule, I said “yes” to helping him. I literally thought it would be a 2-3 hour project.

It turned out that it was NOT a Sales Letter. It was what is called a “Sales Funnel” landing page on the internet, and it was 80 pages long, not 4. Imagine my surprise! And horror! It was not a 2-3 hour project at all. It was to ultimately be an “over two weeks, no days off” project due to a deadline he was up against.

But I Had Committed Myself

I pride myself on having the integrity to follow through on what I commit to. There was no way I could back out after telling him I would help. As I said, he was in a dilemma, he was an old client who had been very good to me in tough times, and I couldn’t back out. I HAD to do this 80 page project and its countless revisions despite the fact that I believed it to be a 4 page project when I said “yes” to it.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to now and the project is complete, thankfully. I had forgotten how awful graphics projects could be as a career in that the deadlines are crushing and you can wind up sitting in your chair, tied to your computer for upwards of 17 hours per day. During this 80 page project, I put in 15+ hours per day for two weeks straight, no days off, all because of my mistaken “yes” to it. I was painfully reminded of why I started my online business in the first place.

My Original Why

The longest day I ever worked in my graphics career was 22 hours straight. There were four years in a row in my 20s that I worked 15-17 hours per day, every single day but the weekends. So much of my life was eaten up by my former graphics career that I couldn’t remember whole chunks of it.

I viscerally remembered why I started my online business in the first place… to get out of that ridiculous life-devouring rat race!

In taking on that project, I remembered my “why” as far as why I started my business. I wanted a lifestyle I could love, not a lifestyle chained to my desk or to the clock. I wanted a source of income that wasn’t me “trading my time for money.” I didn’t want to go back to Egypt. I want my Promised Land.

Tap Into Your “Why” For Freedom

If you’ve read this far in my story, there must be a reason. You must be dissatisfied with your job, career, boss, income, whatever, and you know you want to get out. You want a different path. Well, I invite you to tap into that frustration… That frustration is your ticket to freedom because it will fuel you to find new way of life.

For me, the way out was starting my online business. No deadlines, no bosses, no being chained to my desk anymore. No “trading my time for money” either. I invite you to check it out for yourself by viewing our FREE on-demand video workshops that give you a broad overview of how you can start your own legitimate online business. It worked for me. It can work for you too.

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