Some time ago, I went through what I would call an “obstacle course” in life.

Every which way I turned, it seemed something in my path was blocking me. Frustrating all my plans, hopes and dreams.

I not only was challenged with a stall on some of my personal goals, but I had a couple months of slower income, some expenses that were out of the norm, the death of a beloved pet… you get the picture.

At the same time, in my online business, I was experiencing a Marketing obstacle too.

In the world of online business, marketing is a lot like the plot of a “romantic movie.” It builds, it peaks and then the couple has a brief breakup and the plot turns sour. They finally get resolution, and the storyline peaks again… and usually you have a “happily ever after” ending.

Online marketing is really like that! You have to go with the flow, have a lot of faith that things will turn out, and stick with it.

So with this particular Marketing obstacle I had that I mentioned above, there were a few choices I could make (and this goes with ALL the circumstances in life):

  • Be frustrated and keep doing the same thing/get same results
  • Give up and quit
  • Find a way to turn the obstacle into an opportunity

…I’m guessing you know which choice I made.

I made a decision that if online marketing was going to be an obstacle to me, I was going to turn it into an Opportunity instead!

I “set my face like a flint” as they say, and researched, researched, researched, looking for clues and ideas and techniques I could use to get around this challenge.

After about a week of studying and trying new techniques out, I FINALLY found my answer!

Something clicked.

The reason I’m being vague about it, is partially because each advertising platform is different. My obstacle had been that all of a sudden, my audience cost shot through the roof – literally about 4x higher than it had been for months.

Obviously, my platform had changed something in their functionality, and I had to adjust.

I could have sat there frustrated, and eventually given up, after spending too much money (4x !!!) and then proclaimed “online advertising doesn’t work”, then joined the jaded, negative masses.

But no!

I am not a quitter, and neither are you.

We have a different spirit… a BOLD one. The kind that KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt, that EVERY OBSTACLE can be TRANSFORMED into a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.

* * * * *

That was a while back now that this all happened, and guess what?

All that research has paid off — I not only got my advertising costs back to normal, but I even experienced better performance in all other areas of my life. It transformed my mindset.

AND get this — I was able to help two other SFM students to do the same, and 2 other clients I have (independently for online advertising) the same too!

I helped myself, and I helped at least 4 others. Instead of the 4x “loss” of my online advertising costs soaring through the roof, I turned it into “4x gain” in a positive direction of helping other people while at the same time, helping myself!

Talk about a Win-Win Opportunity!

This isn’t my most eloquent blog post, but I hope you can hear what I’m trying to say because this principal goes way beyond Online Advertising.

It goes with life.

You always have choices:

  • Remain frustrated, keep doing the same thing/get the same results
  • Give up and quit, or
  • Turn your obstacle into an Opportunity

Bottom Line:
There is Always a way around it / over it / through it.

Every Obstacle can be turned into An Opportunity!

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