Nothing changes unless YOU change it.

Nothing works unless YOU work it.


True, right?

Whether it’s dieting, starting a business, getting your degree, or even breaking an addiction, those two sentences above are Truth with a capital “T.”

So if your life isn’t what you want it to be, who or what is affecting it? Can you look at your situation and find your “fault” in it?

Finding your “fault” in a situation you’re not happy with isn’t so you can get “down on yourself,” get depressed or take the blame. It’s to see where you have control… see where and what you can change. If you can tweak some part of it and get a different outcome that’s more in the direction of what you want — and keep consistent with it (aka “work it”), then you just might get to where you want to be.

Let’s put it this way…. In life, no one is going to swoop down and give you a job if you won’t show up and do the work. Your fairy godmother will not wave a magic wand and make you your goal weight. You’ll never break an addiction by just hoping it gets better. No genie is going to make your new online business successful if you’re just “wishing” for it to happen… I don’t care how much you visualize!

Unless you make a decision to change, and work at the change consistently, you won’t get what you want.

It takes a lot of effort to climb up a ladder, but it takes only a split-second to fall down.

I remember having a realization once the season of Lent started. For those of you who don’t know, Lent is traditionally a 40+ day period where people “honor” the 40 days of fasting Jesus did with some sort of personal sacrifice of their own. Many times, people will give up caffeine or chocolate, or something similarly dear to them. For me, I had decided to do a diet.

I had realized that although I had lost 25 lbs back in 2015 and had kept it off for the most part, I neglected to take off the remaining 25 lbs I still had to lose to get to my goal. I would take off 10, put on 15. Take off 17, put on 20, then take off 3 again.

In any case, I kept dancing around the goal, ambivalent and never committed to losing those last nagging 25 lbs that kept me from wearing my favorite clothes – for almost 4 years.

To me, that is mediocrity. Personally, I can’t stand mediocrity — especially when I know I am capable of so much more. So, for Lent, I decided to change it and work at it again.

And you know what? I am succeeding. The progress is slow, and that is part of the challenge, but hey, at least I am changing what needs to be changed and being consistent by working it. Because you see, if you complain, you’ll remain. But if “you” change, “it” will change too.

So no more complaining…

Do you want to change something in your life right now? Your job? Your income? Your relationships? Well I will finish this article the same way I started it… with the Truth:

Nothing changes if you don’t change it.

Nothing works unless you work it.


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