Bonus Interview with my Mentor, Tim

Stuart interviews my mentor, Tim, about his amazing success with SFM, and how he was able to replace his entire corporate attorney’s income within 6 months using the SFM business system. TRUE STORY.

Life Became Just About Work…

That’s one of the main catalysts Tim mentions about what happened before he found SFM. He found SFM quite on accident, as you’ll discover in the video. I highly recommend you take the time to watch it. Tim is so honest and unassuming. Here are some main takeaways:

  • He replaced his high-end corporate attorney income within 6 months of starting SFM. An income that took 20 years to build, not to mention all the schooling he went through to be a corporate attorney.
  • He no longer needs to trade time for money
  • He no longer needs to go in the office just to pay the bills
  • He took it (SFM) seriously and put in the effort. Just as he put effort into his attorney career, he approached SFM the same way
  • It took 20 years for Tim to get the salary he earned. Not to mention all the schooling and long hours. He replaced his salary in 6 months. Let that sink in.
  • What attracted him to being self employed? Missing family moments was a big one…
  • Being at work had become more comfortable than being at home
  • He worried about how much of a “runway” or shelf-life his career had left
  • He had already hit the peak of his career and likely his income. But prices going up. Inflation never stops.
  • He needed to be in a place where he was still able to grow.
  • He wanted to get away from the idea of being dependent on someone to pay him at the end of the month…
  • He wanted to know “what I do matters”
  • He wanted to stop fulfilling someone else’s dreams (boss/clients), not his
  • He realized that time isn’t on his side – the longer time he spent fulfilling someone else’s dreams, the less time he would have for his own. Speaking not only of the time of day, but “time” left in your life, while you have your health and such.

Does this resonate with you?

The Bravest Guarantee In The World

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your investment that we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction, on both our “Introductory” and “Essential” programs.

If at any time at all within the first 30 days you feel the value you’ve received isn’t at least worth 10 times the price you pay. Just cancel your account via your dashboard with only one click, and we will give you your money back. No questions asked!

This Is Truly An Offer Not Worth Missing Out On…

Tim, the guy on the right in the video, is my (Carine’s) mentor. When I first signed up for SFM, it’s because I heard an ad from Tim, and there was something about him that I trusted. I stayed on his email list for a whole year, always writing to him asking him about “how much does this REALLY cost?” and “are you still happy with this program a year later?” etc etc etc. I grilled him, because I was so skeptical, and did not want to try an online business guru again.

But he answered every single one of my questions with patience, and I finally took the plunge of paying $29.95 to “apply now.” I have to admit, $29.95 is quite a small amount of money to be so nervous about spending considering they had 100% money-back guarantee. But that tells you how un-trusting I was of the whole SFM system.

I was PLEASANTLY impressed almost immediately. I saw the value from the start. Having had other online business gurus and programs before, I knew this one was so far above all the others, I was completely blown away. Add to that, that Tim met with me on Skype almost immediately, and he holds free weekly webinars for all his students. We found out that even though I was in the USA and he was in Singapore, we shared the acquaintance of a Catholic Priest he knew in his 20s (same priest that performed the marriage of my in-laws). How’s that for weird coincidences?

Tim and I have become friends across the world, and he has taught me immensely. I have made friends with many of his students too, helping them get their websites up and running since that’s my background in graphics. I followed Tim’s example of building a Members-Only “helpful videos/tips” section for my students too, because he showed me that it is best to “pay it forward” when it comes to helping others launch their online businesses too.

Bottom line is, Tim is the real deal. And his story is true. If you sign up with me, you also get access to his free weekly webinars and the benefit of his extreme “how to” knowledge as well as mine. That’s all IN ADDITION to the SFM curriculum. Not every SFM team does that. But we do, because we believe in blessing others with what we ourselves have been blessed with. ~ Carine, founder of Your Laptop Lifestyle Academy

It’s Your Future

Now you know a unique approach that you can start using today to identify the biggest money making opportunities that exist around your personal interests… and how to turn them into endless streams of income! It’s up to YOU to take advantage of the opportunities life presents. Do it for yourself. Do it for your loved ones.

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