The Government Shutdown

Whether you live in the USA or not, you probably heard about the “government shutdown” that affected the 800,000 workers who rely upon the U.S. government to pay their paychecks. It was the longest shutdown in the history of the United States, and it may happen again three weeks from now, when the standoff between the two parties of the government go head-to-head again about “the border Wall” that President Trump promised to build.

All politics aside, the shutdown affected a ton of people… not only the employees themselves, but the people in need of the services their departments provided. Some government employees didn’t have to come in to “the office” (since they weren’t getting paid) but there were many who were deemed “essential” staff (like security), who had to show up at work even though they would not get a paycheck for awhile.

Thankfully, when a U.S. government shutdown eventually ends, the workers do receive the pay that they are owed from all the weeks off, but it was a big wake-up call for many people to realize that…

No job is ever really “safe” – Not even a government job in the USA.

The sad fact is that bills never go into “shut down” mode…. rent, mortgage, car loan, and food bills still go on and on whether you’re getting paid or not. And, while no job is truly 100% secure in this world, you can at least try to lessen your risk by not being dependent on someone else to sign your paycheck.

When you build an online business with a global audience, you lessen your risk in many ways. No single person is responsible for signing your paycheck. You have many clients and customers in many different countries. Yes, opening up your own online business is risky, but it’s also risky to stay in a traditional job. Which one has more potential for reward?

It’s true that not everyone has the personality style to be their own boss. Many people like the structure of going in to an office, dealing with co-workers and managers, and knowing that 99% of the time, you will receive your paycheck on Friday, and have the weekend to catch up on life. But jobs tend not to have the income potential that owning your own online business could give you. There are many jobs being phased out by AI (artificial intelligence), or in my case, all the DIY (do it yourself) apps online that were invented so people could build their own graphics and websites and slideshows, etc. My “job” totally got edged-out by that, and by all the global competition from people who didn’t need to earn a USA-level income because they didn’t live here.

In any case, for me, and perhaps for you, you see the risk of a traditional job vs. the risk of starting your own business, but you also see the potential rewards of starting your own business – and it’s attractive to you, but you don’t know what to do about it… where do you start?

1. My advice is first, to explore it.

You can’t make a decision unless you actually try it out. There are many teachers and courses out there that you can take, but the one I recommend (and am an affiliate for) is SFM, or “Six Figure Mentors.” I had tried out several before SFM came along. There are a lot of scams and a lot of good programs too, but none were as full-spectrum as SFM. SFM was what I used to build my business: Your Laptop Lifestyle Academy, the blog you’re reading, so I actually use it myself! In the U.S., we would say “I practice what I preach.” Again, explore it first. Our application is $29.95 and it is fully refundable if it’s not a good fit for you. So there is no-risk.

2. if it IS a good fit for you, and you already have a traditional job, keep your job, and build your online business slowly.

Dedicating a few hours every day to your online business will give you the self-discipline you will need to be your own boss full-time, once it is up and running. Even though I do know people who were able to quit their jobs within six months, not everyone has that same success. So plan to be a “marathoner”, not a “sprinter” – build your business slow and steady while keeping your job.

Then, one wonderful day when your business has had a chance to grow from your diligent efforts, you will be able to quit your job with confidence and never have to worry about the security of that one person signing your paycheck ever again. You will be free! Of course, I can’t promise that outcome because that would be to promise results (and I don’t know what your level of effort will be), but that is the goal of it all, and it CAN be done and it IS being done all over the world, by people doing what we teach.

So, if the government shutdown shook you up a little bit, that’s good. It should. Because job security is a beautiful illusion. Although there is risk in starting an online business, there’s risk in trusting one person/one company to pay your income for the rest of your life.

If you would rather take the risk of being your own boss and calling your own shots, put in a risk-free application with us TODAY and get started immediately. Or, learn more by watching our FREE On-Demand Workshops.

There is risk everywhere. But there is TREMENDOUS reward in building a business and lifestyle you love.

Best regards!

~ Carine

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