FAQs About Blogging for Business

Part 2

Hello readers – here is Part 2 of my FAQ on Blogging for Business that I promised you. I hope you’ve enjoyed it thus far. Please feel free to contact me via our contact form in case you have any questions you would like to see answered in these FAQ-styled posts I’m doing. And now, let’s dive right in!

Q) How often do I have to post in order to have a blog that helps my online business?

A) Good question! Do you want the short answer or the long answer? Haha… if you’ve read any of my blog posts, you’ll probably know I tend to be a bit long-winded. So, in the interest of being compassionate to you, I will give you the short answer first: I recommend blogging (for business) a minimum of 3-5x per week. If you have trouble coming up with topics to write about, go review Part 1 of this FAQ series, and the 2nd question there has a tip toward the end that could help you get the ball rolling. Now here’s the longer answer for you…

Chances are, if you are blogging for a business, you also will have Social Media pages/profiles/groups that you’re keeping current with, as well as autoresponders (aka eBlasts or “Broadcasts”) that you’ve written to go out to the people who have subscribed to your blog. If so, a new blog post is your FIRST primary step to “feeding” all the other channels of communication you need to.

I will back up a bit… first of all, when you blog, you want to give VALUE to people. You don’t just want to constantly talk about whatever you may be promoting. You want to write about something that could be helpful or useful to them in some way. You’ll want to keep your writing to topics that are Educational, Inspirational, Motivational, Entertaining, and only then, once in awhile, once in every several posts, write about something you’re promoting (but still tie it in to how it can help their every day life).

If you’re starting an online business using the same method I do (via SFM, for whom, I am an affiliate and do promote, because I think it’s awesome), then I would hope you aspire to be ethical in all your business practices — and that’s another reason why I really REALLY encourage you to keep your blogs about something that is actually going to add value to someone’s life. Business should be a win-win for everyone involved, and most especially, your readers or leads and such. Of course, all this flies out the window if you’re just blogging for fun. So this answer is specifically for people who are trying to develop their online business and using blogging as a means to do it.

OK let’s boil this down – you’re blogging 3-5x per week, minimum, and you’re using it to add value to peoples’ lives. Next, for business, you will want to turn your blog post into a social media post AND a “broadcast” to your subscribers.

In other words, go to your Facebook page (or Twitter, or Hootsuite, or whatever you use) and post the url from your blog (so it will pull in any featured image you used), and copy/paste an excerpt from your blog as well, so the reader sees an excerpt, sees the image, and has the link to the full post. Syndicate that to all your other social media pages and profiles either manually or using something like Hootsuite.

Next, shorten and adapt your blog post slightly to create another excerpt of it that you will eBlast or add to an autoresponder series. You will want to adapt your blog to be “evergreen” if you do this. Meaning, remove references to dates or current events that aren’t necessary to its timeless message. You don’t want to put the entire article into the email… people don’t want to read all that. The excerpt will let them decide on their own if it’s something they would like to read up further on. Create a link that goes to the full blog post, such as “READ FULL ARTICLE HERE” and they will visit if they want to learn more.

The ultimate goal is that for each blog post you ever write, you will have also created a social media post, syndicated it, and tweaked it to be an eBlast/autoresponder to your subscribers. You have created avenues by which your current readers can keep up with you, can share your info, and new readers can find you as well, with the hope that your article will enhance their lives in one way or another.

Hope that helps!

That is the only question I’m going to be tackling in this Part 2 of the FAQs on Blogging for Business.Since the answer was so multi-layered and the task at hand can be daunting to new bloggers, I wanted to keep it as simple as I possibly could. I will obviously posting Part 3 (and probably Part 4) of the FAQs, so stay tuned for more!

Coming up in the next answer session:

  • What if I’m TERRIBLE with grammar and punctuation and stuff like that?
  • What if English is not my best language?
  • How do I get an audience to read it?


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