Welcome to 2019!

It’s a clean slate. A blank canvas you have yet to paint a picture on. What are you planning to create with it? What are you dreaming of?

I want to talk to you today about your hopes and dreams. Hopes to own your own home. Your own business. Hope to pay off debt. To be your own boss. Dreams of your life getting better… getting healthier, losing weight, or certain problems to turn around.

But when its been a long time, and you haven’t seen anything change significantly, it’s easy to lose hope and bury those dreams in the “it’s never going to happen” file in the back of your mind. You might tell yourself if it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. It’s easy to get discouraged. Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Whatever the reason why you haven’t been able to get what you’ve been hoping and dreaming about… whether you’ve made mistakes, bad choices, or had people and circumstances set against you, the past is the past. It’s a brand new year, and you have a brand new chance at it all.

Dreams don’t have an expiration date.

Yes, you may have had delays… self-made or otherwise, but you can still achieve your dreams. No use in lamenting having made bad choices in the past, or letting the circumstances send you in to despair. Your destiny is still waiting for you. Your old mess can become your new message.

Ironically, tne thing that never changes in this world is “change.” Things are always changing. Why not do something to make them change for the better? A 1000 mile journey starts with a single step. But you have to take that step, and keep taking them, or you’ll never get there. Make big plans, take small steps.

If you don’t take steps to make things better, things will still change, but they will likely change for the worse! Take a lesson from nature – weeds grow naturally, but gardens take cultivation. Negative thoughts are automatic, but positive thoughts need to be “thunk” on purpose. You can fall in a split second, but it takes effort to climb.

In other words, if you do nothing, your hopes and dreams will slide away from you. Dreams are just seeds. You have to take action to plant them, water them, cultivate them. You have to not only dream about the good things you hope for, but you have to determine your heart & mind to accomplish them, and you have to take ACTION on them – starting with the first step.

You can’t change direction if you’re standing still.

Once you’re moving toward your dreams, you can always adjust your direction. If opposition comes, you can detour around it, but keep moving forward. If you get frustrated in one end, you can proceed another way so that your momentum isn’t lost. For example, say you want an online business but you have no idea where to start. You’re “stuck” and not moving. Well, then sign up for our on-demand workshop series which will dive in depth about the different types on online businesses you could get started on immediately. The goal is to “do something” so you’re not just standing still, because you have to keep moving ahead in order to adjust your direction.

Whether it’s finances, your health, a relationship, or a business you’re dreaming about, 2019 is your year to achieve it! Resurrect your dreams, plot your plan of action… your blueprint, and take steps to get there. Keep momentum by writing your vision down and reading it every day. Follow other leaders. For example, if it’s a chance at financial and time freedom you dream about, or you want to be your own boss, you’ve got resources here at YourLaptopLifestyleAcademy.com to start immediately. Dive into our on-demand workshop series today. There are countless people (including myself) who have been able to create a business and a life they love using the SFM system. The workshops are free. So take advantage of them!

Make 2019 the year you achieve your dreams!

Happy New Year!

~ Carine, Founder of Your Laptop Lifestyle Academy

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