Don’t Be a Wimp in Your Own Life

A few days ago, I wrote about being Strong and Courageous in your own life and in becoming an online entrepreneur, and it got me to thinking of how many people (including myself) wimp out about their own life.

I look at my own circle of friends in the past. I’m not going to talk about any of my current friends because I don’t want them to be offended… but if I were to look back about 10-15 years ago, and remember my old co-workers and friends of that time, I can only remember two of them that started their own businesses, and of those two, I only recall one of them actually having the diligence and willpower to stick with it. I will name her “Red” for the sake of my story.

The other one, I will name Blue. “Blue” tried to establish a graphics business, but she had an entitlement mindset. She wanted success “given” to her. She felt that whether you were a doctor or attorney or graphic designer, you should be paid the exact same rate, because your “life” (in terms of time) was equal. It did not matter to her whether the doctor had spent 15 extra years in college & residency and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition to get his specialized knowledge. “Present time” was all that mattered to her as a means of determining labor costs, and in her mind, Blue’s time was equal to anyone else’s time regardless of things like schooling, experience, talent, skill, equipment costs, etc. Everyone should be paid the same in her belief system.

Before I knew all that about Blue, I had mistakenly tried to go in to business with her.

It was a pretty bad mistake. I had an agreement with her that if she “brought in a new client” we would both work on the project, but the person who “brought in the client” would get an extra percentage of the income from it because they were the account manager. We also agreed that there would be a profit-sharing so that both of us had a vested-interest in the success of our company. We agreed that the profit-sharing rate would be 10%. What happened is that I brought in a BIG client. She did not do ANY of the work though. Nothing at all, however, she expected 10% of ALL my labor on this client’s projects.

So I would work weekends and late nights getting the income, and I would have to give “Blue” a full 10% for doing absolutely nothing. Add to that that “Blue” never brought in any clients at all. ZERO. I even went out of my way to join the Small Business Administration and get special “designations” as “Woman Owned Business” and “Economically Deprived Demographic” (or whatever it was called) and it was a lengthy process – and it was all in the effort to get us government contracts which were usually very lucrative projects. She actually got ANGRY with me when I had failed to bring in anymore clients other than the “big” one she was already receiving 10% of. And still, she had brought in no clients of her own at this point.

She then wanted to increase her percentage to 50%… for doing absolutely nothing. No kidding. One time, we were in the car together and she started talking about her philosophy on life… and that’s when I found out the crucial information of how she viewed getting paid for her services (what services? gasp) and all her entitlement views — how she should be paid as much as a doctor, surgeon, lawyer, etc. Wish I had known that before, but needless to say, I severed our business relationship soon after that. She was a freeloader. Someone I would call a SUPER-WIMP.

But now, let’s take a look at “Red.”

I had known that in her early 20s, “Red” got a job at a graphic design company as a receptionist. She only answered phones. But she saw what all the designers were doing and she was fascinated by it… so guess what… she taught herself the skills she needed to become an entry-level graphic designer at that company.

It wasn’t just any company either. It was a movie-advertising company, and quite possibly the BEST “on the job” education anyone could get in graphics because it was high-end, demanding, and filled with tremendously creative people.

“Red” didn’t just stop there though.

All her years of answering the phones had given her amazing people-skills. She worked well as a team-leader, and liaised with the clients who were bigwigs at the movie studios. Account executives felt comfortable that whenever they left “Red” with a project, they could trust her not only to supervise its execution, but also to speak with the client at the studio and keep them happy.

Later on when the Great Recession hit, it also hit “Red.” She had somewhat of the same fall as I did (we were in the same line of work). And she was let go at some point, but she started her own high-concept marketing firm utilizing all the contacts she had in the movie studios and other companies.

She was a go-getter. Definitely NOT a Wimp!

Now, you may agree with “Blue’s” philosophy that “all time should be billed equally,” but I think it just creates lazy people who innovate nothing. ZERO accomplishment. ZERO goals. Where would we be if society functioned like that? No where. But imagine if you were like “Red.” WOW. Determination. Grit. Focus. Dedication year after year after year. Resiliency to get back up again after the fall of the Great Recession. Reinventing herself over and over again to new, higher levels.

Be Like “Red”!

Don’t know a skill? Learn it!

Is it hard to learn? Repeat the lessons till you finally “get” it.

Listen, I took Algebra in school three times before it finally “clicked” for me. I chose to take it three times… no one forced me. I wasn’t learning it well because I didn’t like my teachers and I preferred to socialize rather than apply myself. But in the end, I am the one who decided to repeat it until I finally “got” it, and that’s a character trait that’s good. Encourage yourself to repeat things until you understand things thoroughly.

Want a new career? Go for it! Get educated in it!

No one is going to hand it to you on a silver platter. Seriously… these days, you cannot go out and get a degree and be guaranteed a job. You have to be a go-getter. You can’t just have the book-knowledge… you have to have the character traits that will make you stand out from the crowd. Let the rest of the world get traditional University degrees. They’re becoming out of date faster than ever and are more expensive than ever, and the job fields are overcrowded. Be DIFFERENT and create your own lane. Build your own business. The SFM courses we teach you (the same courses that helped me build are WAY more than you will learn in a traditional school for this type of business. And it has more income potential too; more freedom and more flexibility, in my opinion.

Want to go even higher? Stick with it!

Building a legitimate online business TAKES TIME and you need to learn new skills on an ongoing basis. You also have to learn the nuances of marketing and “dance” with it a bit to get your footing. It is worth every single bit of effort. You would do it for a boss, right? You would work hard, put in the time, etc, for a boss. Well… what if you were your own boss? Would you put in any less effort? A lot of people DO put in less effort when they are their own boss.

But that’s not YOU. I believe in YOU.

You’re here on this site for a reason, and it’s because you’re a cut above and you’re NOT a wimp. You’re like “Red.”

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged… or the exact opposite – if you’re pumped and ready to hit the ground running — either way, RISE UP. Get a notepad, and write down 10 things you’re going to do this week to build your business. That could include learning some new skills, or watching some training modules, or reaching out to someone in our private SFM Facebook groups to be an accountability partner. It could be reading or listening to inspiring authors like Bob Proctor or Robert Kiyosaki. Write the list as your own boss, and then be a good employee to yourself.

Don’t wimp out on yourself. Don’t wimp out on your own life.

Do those 10 things this week, then do it again next week, and the next, and the next. Wash, rinse, and repeat. You will be so glad you did… and you won’t be a wimp.


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