Does Life Interrupt Your Plans?

I think I can shout a Big Fat YES to that!

If you are a regular reader of mine, you may have noticed that its been a couple weeks since I’ve written a new blog post. Believe me, there were several times I sat down to write something; even just a short one (mine are usually quite long), and life just kept interrupting my plans, and I couldn’t find the time.

Well, actually, I could find the time, but ONLY if I sacrificed time with my visiting relatives, or sacrificed my sleep, or otherwise sacrificed something I was not willing to at the moment.

You see, over the past few weeks, I’ve had a few big events. My parents came to town to visit me, and I didn’t want to miss a minute of it. I wanted to do our local hikes together, and walks by the lakes. Take them to mining towns for the historical museums, and do what’s called a “River Float” – where you float down the river in a big pontoon boat, lazily, for hours.

I wanted to enjoy meals with them, weiner-roasts in my backyard, playing card games and board games, etc. And I especially wanted to take them out to a very nice, fancy place for a special “birthday, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day” dinner. I had been planning for their arrival for months, and we were celebrating all three events.

My parents will not be here forever, and I decided that creating new, good memories with them was way more important than blogging during the week they were here.

Once all our visiting was done and they flew back to their hometown, I thought “okay, now I plan to make time to blog!”

But guess what… Life interrupted again!

(you are so smart… I bet you saw that coming, right?)

I actually did do a lot of new and exciting things on Your Laptop Lifestyle Academy‘s website, but it was not blogging… I created a new, private “Members Only” area for the people who have become students (and applicants) of SFM and myself. You know that $29.95 application I’m always talking about, to get access to information of how to start your own online business? Well, I created a whole private Facebook Group and additional “how to” videos for them where I teach some extra, extremely helpful information on everything from Facebook Advertising to “cropping photos with photoshop.”

Bottom line is, it took me many hours to do, and its only just started. Between my life’s experience with a 25+ year career in graphic design and website building, plus all my experience with how to build a legitimate online business, I have A LOT of “extra” tidbits to share that go even deeper than our regular SFM Modules teach.

And a lot more is to come!

So by the time I did all the videos, I needed to take a break and enjoy life’s “non business related” events again. My actual birthday was coming, and it was my big “50” – a milestone. So I was deluged with friends dropping by, calling, invitations, and an upcoming concert.

However, today, I took a moment so I could reach out to you, my readers, again. I am blogging, finally! 🙂 What is my actual topic? “When Life Interrupts your Plans.” What is my mission? To let you know that – when that happens, you can either get frustrated and fight against whatever is interrupting you, or you can “roll with it.”

Many years ago, I took martial arts lessons in a few different styles, and my favorite styles were the ones that “deflected force.” For example, I, as a female, could never block an oncoming punch to the face by putting up my forearm… the power of the punch would break my forearm, and then, my face.

Instead, I was taught to “roll with it” or, in this case, to deflect it, and let the force pass in a slightly altered direction. Like “push it a little to the right while you veer left.” In “rolling with it,” you can even use your opponent’s own force of their punch to make them fall forward – right into your knee and then down to the ground. I love the concept of “rolling with it” or “deflecting.” It’s like “David vs. Goliath” in a sense.

In all these interruptions I mentioned above (the visit from my relatives, the time spent on the private Members Only area), I decided to “roll with it” and not get frustrated, or stay up too late, or miss important time with my loved ones. I kept things in BALANCE.

Therefore, I didn’t get “frustrated” with my interruptions. I actually enjoyed them (granted, they were all fun things, so I was fortunate). But I have had many times when life’s interruptions were NOT fun at all, and frustration used to be my #1 EMOTION I experienced during every week, for years. No kidding. I uncovered that little personal insight at a Tony Robbins seminar I went to years ago.

Since frustration had become my #1 emotion every week, it was a longstanding problem for me. I spent most of my time angry, resentful, negative and jealously guarding my solitude. I resented clients and customers and I know they could feel my contempt.

It wasn’t until I learned to “roll with it” till I could get passed the frustration and ENJOY my days. I wish so much that I had learned this lesson many years ago, but I didn’t. So I’m hoping that I catch you in time so you learn this lesson as early as possible in life, and can enjoy your life a lot more.

So now that you have read this, this is your assignment:

Notice, in the week ahead, any time you experience an interruption to your plans. You can tell it’s happening whenever you feel “frustrated.” That’s your red flag. The more you become aware of it while it’s happening, the more power you have to deflect its force and “roll with it.” Just “go with the flow” and let the annoying event or interruption run its course so you can get back to your original plan. It makes life so much more peaceful when you’re not “fighting” against everything all the time, angry at your plans getting derailed, resenting life instead of enjoying it.

Quick side note though, before I finish this up – my advice here is NOT to become lazy and never get around to building your business. You should still make sacrifices to attain the goals you have so you can lift yourself and your loved ones to a better life. That is good. I’m just saying that once in awhile, you do have to stop and smell the roses and let life’s interruptions play out. We have such a short life – so work hard, but enjoy it too.

OK that’s enough of my soapbox!

I am going to continue to enjoy my birthday week (it is actually my 50th birthday TODAY as I write this 🙂 ), and I hope you enjoy this more lighthearted blog article. If you are interested in learning more about building your own online business, look below for the Apply Now button or watch our Free OnDemand Workshops to learn if it would be a great fit for you. In the meantime…

Roll With It!

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