I often encounter people who ask me what they can do in a time of crisis, sickness, depression, or just plain “overwhelm.” I guess they know I’ve been there, done that, and acquired some good life skills along the way. They usually need something that will help them right away, and I always advise the same thing: pump yourself up with good stuff flowing into your mind and soul.

Your ears and eyes take in information constantly… they’re like “gateways” that will let things in which, maybe, you shouldn’t be letting in. There are seasons and circumstances in your life and business where you need to have utmost focus and the skill of directing your thoughts. You should only be letting in good stuff during these times, and that’s what I’m going to talk to you about in this article. It’s all about your mindset. Mindset is a very literal word. If you dissect it, it basically means “where you set your mind.” Where you fix your focus and let your thoughts rest.

In nature, climbing upward requires constant effort, but a falling down is instant. Gardens grow weeds naturally, but crops take cultivation. So too, our minds find it easiest to produce negative thoughts rather than positive ones. Whether that’s a product of our social conditioning, our upbringing, or an aspect of consciousness does not matter. What DOES matter is that our minds can be re-trained. Re-training requires proactively putting in new thoughts.

I love seeing the parallels in the Universe: like the way the Macrocosm of Nature is reflected in the Microcosm of the individual body. Or how the single cell mirrors the same functions of the larger body it’s part of. Human thought processes remind me of the way our bodies work – specifically, and I know this is going to sound weird, but it reminds me of our intestinal tracts.

The “gut” reveals a lot about how our minds work: it’s a major key to our immunity, and when the balance of flora and fauna get off, we are prone to infections or even auto-immune conditions where the body attacks itself. To get back to health, probiotics are introduced to the gut in order to restore the the environment to proper balance, which in turn restores the health of the immune system as a whole.

What in the world does that mean for you?

It is the same way in our minds! We get “infected” when our mental flora and fauna are out of balance with too many negative thoughts. Positive thoughts (what I call “SoulBiotics,” or “probiotics for your Soul”) must be introduced in radical doses to restore balance to our psyches and help counteract any spiritual/mental “infection.” To jumpstart the healing process, we have to pump ourselves with good stuff.

How do I “pump myself with the good stuff”?

By that phrase above, I mean taking a radical step: you guard your gateways and be mindful of what you allow coming in. In other words, you guard your eyes and ears. What you see and what you’re listening to. You also guard your speech. Your internal speech where you talk to yourself, and your outer speech where you’re likely to get sucked into spewing negativity all over your loved ones. For the ears, in order to keep good things flowing in, purchase audiobooks and listen to them EVERYWHERE you go throughout the day. I mean EVERYWHERE – during your commute, going to the grocery store, while you’re taking a shower or cooking breakfast. Turn off the news channels and sitcom TV… late shows. Turn off pretty much everything, because you need to exercise your mindset muscle. It has become lazy.

Do something big and drastic. If you work at a job where you can wear headphones, I recommend a mental diet of non-stop positive audiobooks all day long for at LEAST one month. In place of the radio in your car, play the the audiobook. Put them on your smart phone. Like I said, you need to PUMP yourself with this good mental diet to get your balance restored. Overload the positive so you can balance-out.

Same with your eyes – keep your eyes on positive things as well, such as book. Same thing regarding the TV with your eyes too — go on a news fast. Abstain from all the bickering. Sitcoms and late shows and dramas are full of stress, angst, and course joking that has no place in a mind striving for peace. The only TV I would allow myself to watch during times like this were uplifting reality shows, like The Voice or Dancing with the Stars. Those shows held no angst for me; only inspiration. They helped me pump up with the good stuff.

To gain control over your speech, wear a rubberband around your wrist and snap it every time you catch yourself complaining. Try to go a complete, consecutive 30 days without complaining. Ever. Not even once. This takes a lot of self-control and will help you build your immunity-against-negativity up that nothing can penetrate your positive resolve.

Are you serious, Carine? This is too much.

To give you an example from my own life (and to show you that it can be done), I did this myself for well over a two years. Consequently, I have quite the collection of positive audiobooks and regular books. Some of my personal favorites include authors such as Genevieve Davis, Joel Osteen, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, and Bob Proctor – but do your own exploration and get to downloading! You will be absolutely amazed at the positive leaps and bounds you will make and you will never be the same.

When you dedicate yourself to this level of mindset training, and proactively pump yourself with positive “SoulBiotics”, everything will change around you because you will have changed. Your self-discipline will go through the roof. Your relationships will improve. Your inner vision and outlook will improve. I dare say your health will improve, and your business will improve too. You cannot go wrong with doing this.

“Today’s thoughts create your future. Make it a good one.

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