Be Strong and Courageous

If you’ve read my About Me page, I share the story of how I went pretty much from having a lot of financial success, owning several homes, and having respect in my career to losing everything really fast during the Great Recession in the USA. It was a plummet… a fall. A huge nosedive, and it happened VERY quickly.

So for me, it was a shock, and it changed my lifestyle instantly. I went from having “more than enough” to “not getting by.” I went from shopping at Whole Foods (a very expensive grocery store) to shopping at the Dollar Store. I wasn’t even “barely” getting by. I was NOT getting by at all. Borrowing money just to eat. Unable to pay bills. Almost homeless. I was in a financial hell-hole, and I was in it for a very long time.

I don’t know where you are in the world… maybe you are also in the USA. The news programs always talk about how the US came out of the Great Recession somewhere around 2014. Well, that may be true for some people, but that didn’t happen for me. My graphics career got outsourced and globalized, and it never really “came back.”

Because of that, I didn’t have just the huge financial loss “all at once.” I had MANY years of hardship. In fact, it was only since early-2017 when things started to get better for me again.

My personal “Great Recession” lasted from 2007 to 2017. TEN YEARS.

That’s a long time, and when you’re in the middle of hardship like that, you forget the good years you had prior to your loss. Struggle becomes normal. You get used to it.

The reason I share this story again with you is because when I was at dinner the other evening with my parents, they complimented me on how I’ve become very strong and dedicated these days, doing very well with setting up my future and taking care of old financial messes of the past, and courageously working in my new business.

And I replied to them in an analogy I had heard years ago somewhere – that when you’ve been slogging through the mud and swamp for years and years, you get really strong legs. So when times get good again and you’re on solid ground again, you can hit the ground running.

It goes like this…

Imagine you’re a soldier in the jungle, and it’s the rainy season. You and the other troops have been slogging through mud and swamps and rivers with all your heavy equipment and soggy boots for a long time. Many, many months. You think it’s never going to stop. You get used to it.

Then one day, all of a sudden, the rain stops, the sun comes out, and the ground hardens back up. You’re on dry land again. Miraculously, your heavy equipment seems light. Your legs are solid muscle. You can walk swiftly and get over obstacles really easily. All those months of straining against the frustration of the mud have built “determination” into your legs. Now you are a powerhouse.

That’s the way it feels now that my personal Great Recession is over, and I’ve started my own online business. I mean it… it feels so good to get traction and to see my income climb again, to become an authority in my field, to build a respectable online business, to teach others how to do the same, to point the way, to encourage those who come behind me, to have the self respect of having climbed out of that financial hole inch by tiny inch.

I Am Strong, and I Am Very Courageous.

I want to encourage you to be the same. I don’t know what the obstacles are in your life – we all have them. But don’t let your trials make you give up. Don’t be a wimp. Let challenges make you stronger. Be like a soldier… put your head down, pick up your equipment and slog through the mud daily without complaint. Decide on your Mission. Make “to do” lists and get them done. Make goals and accomplish them. Start small and build.

When you get frustrated by a challenge or obstacle, ask yourself “what would a soldier do?” A soldier would NOT complain. They would find a way around, through, or over the obstacle. That’s what YOU need to do. What if, months down the line, you are still only seeing small progress? Do you give up? Is that what a soldier would do? NO – a good soldier would stick to the Mission whether it takes a short or long time to complete.

Be Strong and Courageous. Be VERY Strong and Courageous.

Building a legitimate online business takes time! Don’t fool yourself. Any legitimate business takes time to build. You will get tired of the effort. You will wonder why you tried in the first place. You will forget your original motivation while you’re slogging through the mud. You will probably even get distracted by “shiny object syndrome” where you glom on to the next internet business guru coming along who has some “secret” you don’t know about yet that will “explode your business” (but it won’t because what your business really needs is your FOCUS, not some mysterious “secret”).

For heaven’s sake, don’t wimp out like that! Stick to your Mission. Success will mean a better “quality of life” for yourself and your family too. More income, more time with loved ones, more freedom… but you must put in the effort. So don’t give up! Be a good soldier and slog through the mud for however long it takes (set your mind to be determined on your goal and stick with it till you accomplish it!) You will grow stronger… more determined… you will soon hit the ground running because you’ve done the work, and in maybe 9 months or 12 months or two years or whatever — you will be able to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


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