Sometimes life uses scary places to push us into our destiny. Maybe you have dreams bigger than you can accomplish by yourself, or you have obstacles you can’t overcome on your own. Maybe you lost a client you counted on, you have a health challenge, or your relationship has become completely unbearable.

Sure, you could stay where you are, but you weren’t born to be mediocre. You were born to be an eagle, not peck around on the ground like a chicken. Somewhere deep inside, you know you were made for more, and that’s why it is so frustrating to be down on the ground, squabbling with all the other chickens around you.

You are an eagle, not a chicken. And you have been fooling yourself about it for too long.

It’s like when a baby eaglet is in the nest… the mother eagle has made the nest comfortable. She comes by and feeds you. You’re safe, and you don’t have to do anything to take care of yourself… you are being taken care of. But if you stayed in the nest like that, you’d die. You’d never become the majestic eagle you were born to be.

At some point, the mother eagle starts to take out the soft parts of the nest and make it more uncomfortable for you so you’ll get out and start moving around, developing your muscles. Then, when she knows you’re ready, she pushes you off the side of the cliff where your nest is, and you begin to fall to the ground. She’s trying to teach you to fly, but…

You haven’t discovered your wings yet.

The mother eagle comes and swoops you up to save you, but later, she pushes you off the cliff again. And again. The baby eaglet thinks the momma eagle is crazy! Mom’s trying to kill me! But the mother eagle is purposely getting that eaglet to find its wings and strengthen them so it can fly on its own.

Are you soaring like an eagle yet?

I don’t know what it is about life that tends to push many of us down to where we stifle all our potential and become like chickens. We are “chickens” because we are bound by fear and don’t try anything new. Chickens because we get wrapped up in squabbling with our fellow chickens, fighting over every scrap of chicken-feed on the ground. Always pecking around in lack. We don’t ever look up at the sky. We forgot it was there. We waste our time on the ground when we can fly. But you and I don’t have chicken wings. We have eagles’ wings, and we were not meant to live in mediocrity.

So how do you stop being a chicken?

Acting like a chicken is a comfortable habit, and the first thing you have to do with a bad habit is BREAK IT by acting in direct opposition to it, consistently, over time. And, you have to also come to the realization that you were NOT born a chicken, and that you have more greatness inside you than you could ever imagine.

If you feel “fear” about taking risks and stepping out into the unknown, you have to make a decision to “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Be strong and courageous! Be bold and brave! If something doesn’t scare you at least a little bit, it’s not big enough for your destiny as an eagle!

Develop your wings.

I say it all the time in this blog…. I tell people to take steps – even if they’re in the wrong direction. Because if you’re taking steps, you’re “moving” and if you’re “moving”, you can adjust your direction and still get to your goal. Taking steps is like flapping your wings. Keep trying to fly and they’ll get stronger. But do nothing, and you will get weaker.

Life is too short to settle for things you know are less than what’s in you. Don’t stay with a job you know keeps you on the ground! Stretch. Grow. Do your part to make the change happen. I guarantee you — if you want next year to be different, you have to start THIS YEAR, NOW, because it takes time for a seed you plant to grow, to bud, then to produce. It takes time for your wings to develop! Don’t wait for next month or even next week. Start today.

Jump out of your nest.

You have GREATNESS in you. You are destined to leave your mark. Don’t stay in the nest. Get out of the safe zone. Become all you were created to be.

TAKE A RISK. You may ask “but what if I try and it doesn’t work out?” I will ask you in response – what if you try and it DOES work out? You don’t know, and you WON’T know until you jump out of your nest. You don’t want to come to the end of your life and have to wonder if you could’ve accomplished more.

Jump out of the nest into new opportunities. Stretch your wings. Press through the fear. If you need to change a little and adjust your destination, you can, because you’ll already be flying.

Use Your Wings Daily

You have wings. Not chicken wings. You have eagles’ wings. You were created to soar. So stop pecking around on the ground with the chickens.

Go for your dreams.
Build that business.
Restore those relationships.
Fire that boss.
Renew your zest for life.
Live it to the fullest.
Reach the fullness of your destiny.


Soaring Into New Opportunities

If you feel like you’ve been acting like a chicken much too long, now’s your chance to change that and become the eagle you were meant to be. There are several facets to life, for example – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, etc…. but a HUGE CHUNK of your life is also wrapped up in the “financial” too because that dictates whether you have the money to pursue your dreams, have freedom of time, freedom of location, and it dictates how you spend the vast majority of your day at your job, and such.

To be an eagle is to be free, and it is also to take your power back. For me, a big key to not living like a chicken anymore was to start my online business. As far as I was concerned, deadlines, bosses, being chained to my desk, and trading my time for money was ALL about the CHICKEN LIFE. I didn’t want that anymore, so I took action to develop my eagle wings and get out of that chicken lifestyle.

I invite you to to JUMP OUT OF YOUR NEST and do the same. Start by watching our FREE on-demand video workshops that show you how you can start your own legitimate online business. It worked for me. It can work for you too. You won’t know until you try.

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Don’t be a chicken anymore though. Be the eagle you were born to be.

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